When Pancakes Go Wrong

some highly unappetizing pancakes.

Craters of the Moon, anyone?

Here I learned a lesson in the difference between hulled and un-hulled buckwheat flour. The first produces a batter similar in texture and appearance to wheat, and makes nice pancakes with just a different flavor. Un-hulled buckwheat flour, on the other hand, makes a batter with the consistency of creek sediment, doesn’t stick together, and the end results are more like souvenirs from Craters of the Moon National Monument, than edible cakes. They didn’t taste that great, either.




One thought on “When Pancakes Go Wrong

  1. Saara Nov, 2013 at 10:32 Reply

    We made some buckwheat blini this morning – with the unhulled buckwheat. The recipe is different and the flavor is stronger than hulled. Sometimes hulless buckwheat is called kasha.

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