Pizza! +cauliflower, -cheese

I saw this awesome Cauliflower Pizza Crust and suddenly knew I had to have pizza. So I made two types of crusts, went shopping for toppings, googled ‘vegan pizza toppings’ for ideas (because I can’t have cheese), and got to work! Here’s what I came up with:

Cauliflower Pizza Crust - thin

Cauliflower Pizza Crust – thin


First, I made a crust with cauliflower and a mix of GF flours (millet, amaranth, quinoa). The recipe (link above) made two whole baking sheets! Also, best GF-baked-good yet! The cauliflower makes the difference – I’m going to try using it in other baking projects, too.





square pizza crust

Fast cooking, good texture


I also made a quinoa crust according to this recipe. Deliciously Ella is a new addition to my food-blog faves – her food selection is close to mine, and I’ve learned a few things from her recipes. Definitely worth checking out.





Two combos!

Two combos!



Left side: squash (quick roasted, cubed), onions (fried/carmelized), and bell peppers.

Right side: squash, onions, spinach, and portobello mushroom. I ate one of these; it was quite good.

Added spices: basil, oregano, thyme, salt, pepper, olive oil.



I also did a classic tomato-sauce-and-olives, And one with summer squash. I didn’t take pics before I froze them, but I might add some here later.

It was interesting to try out the portobellos: portobello are really the only kind of mushroom I don’t mind (I really dislike the texture and flavor of the smaller ones), so I thought I’d get one and experiment.

After adding the toppings, I stuck ’em back in the oven for 5min or so to make everything stick together as much as possible (a challenge w/o cheese or thick sauces), then cut and froze the slices. Now I have a whole bunch of fast-food meals in my freezer: grab a slice, stick it in a oven, toaster oven, or microwave, and it’s ready in 10min!

Serve with a nice green salad. Did I mention I’ve been craving green salad lately? I’m bringing lettuce back into my dinners.

Notes for next time: The flavor of the ones shown above is really good, but I did still want the texture of sauce. Tomato sauce would drown out the fine squash flavor, so I think perhaps a sauce of bell peppers would work (since they’re in there anyway). Or, alternately, make a creamy squash paste and then put the peppers and onions on top. If said sauce had the right spices, it could totally hold its own to cheese. Most cheeseless pizzas rely on pesto, but that’s out-of-season/expensive, so I’m trying to find alternatives. And of course I could just stick to tomatoes and spinach… but I want to put all kinds of fancy vegetables on my pizza! Like asparagus — I’m going to make one with asparagus sometime.

I still have a ways to go, but I’m pleased with my pizzas, and shall enjoy their eating greatly. 🙂



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