Kale and portobellos

I read that garlic, mushrooms, and kale makes a nice pizza topping with cheese. I had the ingredients minus the pizza, so I cooked ’em up in a saute to see what it’d be like. It cooked okay but the texture was wrong, so I spread out the mix on a baking sheet and broiled in the oven. As expected the kale turned crispy. It wasn’t exactly fork- or finger-friendly, but I gobbled it up with my fingers! Flavors went well together, tasted great. B/c I wilted the kale in the pan before baking it, it was a lot nicer in the eating than typical kale chips. All tender and crispy; no toughness at all.

Future ideas: make a mushroom-garlic sauce and coat the kale before baking, making snackable ‘chips’. Or, ignore stigmas, and be happy with my unconventional finger food. 😉

So tasty!

So tasty!



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