Making: Chestnut Soup

Today I made the recipe, Sweet Potato and Chestnut Soup, from Fresh From the Farmers’ Market, by Janet Fletcher. (I highly recommend this book, though not as highly as Chez Panisse Vegetables.)

It was the most luscious, delightful, and satisfying soup… lovely creamy and not that hard to make! I’m going to get another sweet potato, just so I can make it again with my remaining chestnuts. This one gets two thumbs up, plus props for using economical ingredients. Sides nicely with brown rice, if you feel it’s too rich. The recipe calls for an apple-endive salad, which sounds excellent. I shall have to try that, too!

I followed the recipe precisely, except:
-I used vegetable broth instead of chicken broth. Tasted great, but I agree that chicken broth would have been a perfectly complimentary flavor.
-Instead of cream, I blended a mix of half cream cheese, half water. This is a great lactose-free substitution. The flavor is close, though not identical to regular cream.

Next time I’ll salt it slightly less, and use a few more chestnuts.



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