RIP Terra Chips


Hains now owns TERRA chips, and all flavors but the plain ‘original’ now have adulterations of sugar, yeast extract… And really don’t taste so exotic. These tasted like the same flavor palettes of regular ‘junk’ chips. I always bought Terra because they were different. Shame! ;(



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2 thoughts on “RIP Terra Chips

  1. Kathy G Jun, 2014 at 12:16 Reply

    It’s hard to find healthy unadulterated chips. I learned you can’t go by a healthy-looking picture on the front or the name/words on the front. I was shocked to read the label of my favorite garbanzo chips and see how much rice flour was in them. Which is fine if you’re into rice, but I’m not. I can’t even find that kind anymore anyway. So finding a new favorite chip is a quest that is taking much research, involving lots of reading the labels and lots of eating of chips.

    • brunettekitchenette Jun, 2014 at 12:41 Reply

      Yeah, this seems to happen to most new health brands: once they get big enough to be sold in Costco… It’s all downhill from there. Cliff bars (taste less fresh and more factory), and Tofutti ice cream (contains corn syrup since 2003) are another two I miss. So while the natural foods market would seem to be saturated, there’s always room for another ‘pure’ food bar!

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